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John Thomas – President (Interim)
Shift Colour: Green
Position: Merriwa
John has 38 years’ experience in the Ambulance Industry in Western Australia with 35 years involved in Industrial Relations
bargaining and officer representation. He has been at the forefront of securing ambulance wages and conditions and achieved
many milestone conditions associated with the WA Ambulance Service. He has also had influence on the interstate services with
information sharing and was the WA representative when the Paramedic Degree was introduced into the service. John has
travelled to New Zealand to examine data collection for I pad introduction and also ‘post-earthquake’ response for the Christchurch
disaster. John also attended Vietnam with the organisation to look at business opportunities in delivering first aid.
Donelle Carver – Vice-president (Interim)
Shift Colour: Green
Position: Merriwa
Donelle has 15 years’ experience in the Ambulance Industry with the last 10 years involved in Industrial relations bargaining and
officer representation. She progressed through transport to Paramedics and has been at the forefront of developing awareness
and opportunities for females in the service. Author of several articles published nationwide exposing the lack of opportunities for
females in and around the workforce including family friendly opportunities. Donelle has served on several national bodies for
Ambulance Officers’ welfare and also comparing National standards. Donelle also has experience as a Community Paramedic and
Station Manager and has travelled on behalf of the organisation to New Zealand to examine data collection for I pad
implementation, as well as representing the organisation as Team Leader when she travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint
John New Brunswick, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Dave Abbott
Shift Colour: Red/Green
Position: Wangara
Dave has 21 years of experience having worked in the metropolitan region and country stations. Currently attached to the day
ambulance and Station Manager at Wangara. Dave has experience in Industrial issues and OSH safety through the organisation.
Chris Brown
Shift Colour: Black
Position: Rockingham
Chris has 11 years of experience working in the metropolitan service with some country placements and a wealth of knowledge.
Chris is currently Station Manager at the Rockingham Station.
Dave Bryant
Shift Colour: Blue
Position: Bunbury
Dave has 23 years of experience both metropolitan and country and has always been a strong supporter of maintaining working
conditions on a fair and transparent process. Dave has worked at Bunbury station since 1998 and been heavily involved in south
west conditions and general working conditions as a whole. Dave has represented the organisation in the United Kingdom and
Tim Dunlop
Shift Colour:
Position: Osbourne Park
Tim has 6 years’ experience and comes from the construction industry. He is currently keen to see the progress of ambulance
workers conditions and more importantly the retention of what we have. Tim has had experience as a Community Paramedic and
Station Manager.
Conrad Fairhead
Shift Colour: Green
Position: Rotational
Conrad has 13 years’ experience in the ambulance industry and worked also as a volunteer in remote Western Australia prior to
becoming a Paramedic. He has experience as a Community Paramedic, Special Operations, and CPHC lecturer and is currently a
Station Manager in the metropolitan area.
John Flockton
Shift Colour: Red
Position: Bunbury
Jon has 15 years’ experience in the ambulance service with a large portion spent at country locations. John is currently at the
Bunbury Station. Jon is also keen to preserve and promote the conditions of all ambulance workers in the state.
Justin Ingrey
Shift Colour: Red
Position: Australind
Justin has been in the ambulance service for more than 15 years commencing as a volunteer in Narrogin and joining the
Paramedics in
2007. Justin has worked as a metropolitan officer, Clinical Support Paramedic and is currently Station Manager at
Australind. Justin also has an in-depth knowledge of Industrial relations and was heavily involved prior to relocating to the south
Marty Kelly
Shift Colour: Red
Position: Two Rocks
Marty has in excess of 20 years with a career break included. He is experienced in Industrial matters and also worked in the
Industrial Paramedic field for many years. He has been an advocate for IP conditions and is also keen to preserve and promote
Ambulance officers conditions moving forward. Marty currently works on road in the northern suburbs.
Lee Mack
Shift Colour: Black/Blue
Position: Joondalup
Lee has 20 years’ experience and has also been a strong advocate for female conditions and family friendly working conditions.
Lee works on the day ambulance roster at Joondalup and hopes to further opportunities for all officers in the service.
Earl Stamp
Shift Colour: Black
Position: Ellenbrook
Earl has 20 years’ experience as both Transport Officer and Paramedic. He has also worked in the Community Paramedic position
in remote Western Australia and the wheat belt region. Earl acknowledges the challenges ahead and is keen to maintain and grow
existing conditions.
Lee Waller
Shift Colour: Black
Position: Joondalup
Lee has worked in the Ambulance industry for 21 commencing in transport before converting to Paramedics. Lee has held
placements such as a Clinical Support Paramedic and Station Manager. Lee has also worked at various country locations and has
an interest in research
which has gained several masters degrees. Lee is well versed on Clinical Practice and Industrial issues.
Lee currently works at Joondalup Station as a Station Manager
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