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EBA 2018 Update 22/05/2018
Find below a summary of issues discussed at the last EBA meeting along with an explanation of the current status of each issue. If you could like
further clarification on any of there points or any other questions please speak with one of the committee members or contact us
Back pay
Prior to the meeting
ONLY the AEAWA executive wrote to Management advising that the delay in negotiating was due to Management not be
ready to proceed and that back pay should be paid from the start of the new agreement being 1/7/2018. Management stated that if concluded by
October 2018 back pay would be paid. No other grievance was lodged.Copies of letters between AEAWA and SJA can be found below:

  • 10 May 2018 – AEAWA Backpay Clarification Request
  • 18 May 2018 – Response to Back Pay Request
Allocated positions
After much discussion the allocated position was discussed and agreed in principle that officers vacating their station for a period of 104 week in
156 week period would lose their depot. This includes secondments exceeding the 102 weeks and any periods of leave without pay which were
not of a compassionate or similar ground. There were suggestions that officers going on country relief and exchanging depots for fatigue breaks
would also add to the score however AEAWA did not support this.
An agreement was made by SJA to commence filling vacancies within 3 months of the vacancy occurring.
All positions will be advertised with a start and finish date for a period of 2 years. There may be an extension of an additional 6 months if agreed
between employer and employee. A number of positions have been identified and several excluded due to on boarding requirements which are
not considered secondments.
N.B. The incumbent officer may reapply for the position however will not be re-appointed if another suitable officer applies. This gives a wider
group opportunity to apply and secure a secondment.
Critical Care Paramedics
Critical care Paramedics were discussed and the following point agreed in principle;

Life insurance – awaiting response
Permanency in CCP Pool – agreed with conditional wording.
Training – on boarding requirements and process is transparent and placed on intranet for perspective officers.
Courses – involve CCP group during discussion
Rostering- work current shifts and flexibility be introduced to comply with various bases start finish time to be in step with CCH crew. Also flexibility
in emergency crewing at short notice.
Additional duties – additional duties attracting allowances and requirements by CCPs when not rostered to machine.
Country deployment and current Bunbury base rostering/placement to be further discussed amongst representative groups and CCP officers.
Officers should be aware that St John has advised that the quantum pay rise which we have asked for is subject to the entire agreement,
therefore whilst some issues are agreed in principle they will have an impact on what quantum will be delivered.

A full copy of EBA meeting minutes can be accessed via the SJA intranet by clicking here
Welcome to AEAWA Website (4/22/2018)
Welcome to the AEAWA website where you will find all the information about the Association, our current projects and where will will be going in
the future! Updates from us will also be shared via the website news page so ensure you keep and eye on this each week.

If you have any queries please contact us

Kind Regards,

AEAWA Committee
Log of Claims presented (4/10/2018)
Today the first meeting for the employee bargaining agreement has occurred and involved the presentation and discussion of a log a claims
from both AEAWA and St John Ambulance WA. The log a claims presented by both parties will form the basis of conversations over the next few
months as we work towards and amicable set of conditions for both parties.

Copies of both the AEAWA and St John Ambulance WA log of claims are available at the Agreement Page

As always if you have any queries or concerns please speak with a committee member or contact us
Click here for amendments
Leave – various
Personal Leave
Requested an increase from current 2.5 rotations to 3.5 rotations to bring into line with other ambulance services. Management will consider.
Long Service Leave
Requested qualifying period be reduced from 10 years to 7 years. St John advised that costs prohibitive however would consider pro rata after 7
Parental Leave
Advised St John that current 12 weeks is not in standing with other agencies such as Police/Fire/Nursing and that request the increase to 14
weeks with the removal of the FGPPL to allow officers to claim the additional top up from the Government. In addition increase for partner leave
to be increased from 1 set of 4 to two sets of four.
Special Leave
Requested that the allocation of positions be increased and fixed as a percentile of the total number of officers. There are five position day/night
and request an increase as many have asked that the percentile be assigned to the total on days and 224 rosters.
In addition increase the credit limit to 96 hours and retain the debit limit at 48 hours. This will compliment officers wishing to take shorter periods
off rather than split their annual leave into small blocks.

Also if an officer in credit is unable to secure a special leave then they can transport their hours 11/12/13 to another officer in an overtime
capacity which encourages some officers to consider working the shift on overtime rather than swap. The balance would be adjusted accordingly.
There was talk around reducing the current window from 3 month if above is adopted.

Annual leave
Requested that Annual leave be retained at either an 8 or 4 week block to which Management satisfy approximately 94% of requests with the
non-approvals subject to blackout periods or blocks overfilled. We are pursuing changes to Special leave to accommodate officers who seek to
take leave of a lesser period to ensure days owed or owing are minimised.
Military Leave
Requested that officers attached to homeland security forces required to participate each year be released on pay and costs recouped through
the Federal Government reimbursement scheme. This was rejected by St John.
Cultural leave
Included in the leave without pay clause.
Domestic Violence Leave
Believe that such leave should be paid up to 10 days a year due to impact of family stress and work commitments impacting of an officers health
and wellbeing.
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